After winning the National Shakespeare Competition my senior year of high school, I escaped the Midwest for NYC. I graduated from AMDA and I landed roles in Downtown theatre. After college, I played guitar in a queer punk band, Inner Princess, with two other butch queers turned trans men. These endeavors didn’t pay the bills. So, I joined the New York D.C.9 painters union, became a journeyperson after four years. But,  I came to New York to act, and here I was painting another white wall in the Trump buildings on the West Side Highway. When the recession hit I started my own painting company, Tuff Chicks Painting, which I ran for over 8 years, employing artists, mostly chicks. I started auditioning again and found success in roles ranging from Person in Charge on Broadway in 2018, a radical nun in “Dinette,” NewFest 2019 and an FBI agent in “Is This A Room” at the Vineyard Theater and the touring production (2019/20) and Bayard Rustin in 2020 “Lesson’s In Survival”. I am currently in the writer’s room for Season Two of “These/Thems” a queer comedic web series (Frameline Audience Award-Winner 2019.) I’ve written over 30 world premiere plays; New York Neo-Futurists(2016-Present). Most recently, I’ve done voice-over work for “Magic The Gathering” video game (Hasbro/Legends of the Coast), narrated “Four Hundred Souls” (Audible), “UnPopular Vote” by Jasper Sanchez, “My Friend Natalia” (Penguin Random House), and the titular story “Filthy Animals” by Brandon Taylor. I’ve also voiced various characters in award winning podcasts like: “Welcome to NightVale,” “Meet Cute” and “Adventures In New America.”